ABH Liquid Lipsticks

ABH Liquid Lipstick

I have my father’s skin. So fair it’s almost translucent, instantaneously burns when exposed to the sun, and always shows every last bit of red pigment (pimples, broken capillaries, rosacea) possible.  I always have a hard time finding color swatches of makeup done on someone that is as fair skinned as I am. In fact, I have a hard time finding foundation that’s pale enough. MAC’s NC15 is even a shade too dark! I’m telling you, I’d make the perfect vampire.

Back to the swatches. Anastasia Beverly Hills just came out with Liquid Lipsticks. These babies are crazy pigmented, and extremely matte. You’ll want to make sure when using a liquid lipstick that you’ve exfoliated your lips because every last bit of dry skin is going to be brought front and center as soon as you apply this color. They’re almost too matte for me, but the benefit here is that they don’t budge once they’re dry. They also look lovely with a sheer gloss applied over the top. 

The tubes are extra large, and at $20/ea they’re available in 18 different colors. You can find them on their website by clicking here

Below, the top color is “Milkshake” and the bottom is “Pure Hollywood”.  I’ve also done a swatch test on my arm, in indoor indirect natural lighting. What do you think? Have you tried the new liquid lipsticks? What’s your favorite color? 

ABH Lip Swatches

ABH Swatches


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