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The wonderful Chelsea at Bridge Nine Candle Co. sent me one of their Cranberry Orange Tumblers in exchange for my honest + unbiased review. This scent is one of their Fall Collection that just released. One whiff of this cherry red tumbler will make you ready for the crunch of bright orange + red leaves and the taste of crisp, fall air. 

A little about Bridge Nine:

They’re based right here in Portland, Oregon. Native Portlanders (like myself) will notice the iconic St. John’s Bridge on their logo. Fun fact: St John’s Bridge is the ninth bridge on the Willamette River, hence the name of this adorable candle shop. It’s bright green paint (which Chelsea matched perfectly in her logo) makes it hands down the most beautiful bridge in Portland. 

St John’s Bridge is also one of the entry ways into North Portland – a familiar stomping grounds of mine where I lived, went to school, and worked for over twelve years. 

Bridge Nine Matches

Bridge Nine makes their candles out of natural soy wax that are sourced from American Farmers. The wicks are made of 100% cotton so that the burn is clean and consistent every time. 

Bridge Nine Tumbler

Their Fall Line Up Includes:

Bridge Nine Tumbler Red

Scents are available in two sizes: their adorable smaller jelly jars or their large tumblers (pictured above). 

Each online purchase comes with a complimentary Bridge Nine matchbook and 2 oz sample candle in a surprise scent. 

Goods Layout

I just adore the branding work that’s gone into this! How cute is this spread? 


As soon as I opened the box, I was surprised at how large this tumbler was! I’ve been following the shop on Instagram @bridgeninecandles for some time, so I’ve seen their adorable flat lays quite often. I was expecting a much smaller tumbler, and pleasantly surprised at how much larger it actually is in person. 

Each candle is bubble wrapped and boxed in a sea of shredded (and recyclable) paper for extra support +  protection. The outside of the box is adorned with adorable teal washi tape and a large Bridge Nine sticker so you know intermediately that you’re receiving #happymail. 


While you’re unwrapping your candle, that lovely fall scent will rush up to meet your senses. Their Cranberry Orange smells distinctly of cinnamon mixed with cranberries and orange peels. There’s an underlying scent that I love and is distinctly fall, but couldn’t place. After reading the description on their website, I found that it’s apple slices. Yum!

Tumbler and Matchbook

They recommend that you let the candle burn for 2 hours, or until the melted wax reaches the edges of the tumbler, the first time you light it. This helps the candle retain a “memory” and burn evenly each time afterwards. 

Side Angle

I’ve been letting it burn this morning for about an hour, and as I walked back into the room after leaving momentarily, I was immediately immersed again in the scent of fall. This tumbler packs a punch – I have a large, open Kitchen + Living Room combo but the scent fills the entire room with ease. 

Single Shot

I also love that I can return the empty glass jar to one of their participating stockists in Portland, and receive $1 off my next purchase! (If you’re local, you’ll know Portland is HUGE on recycling and keeping things “green”). I can attest to this, since the “littering fine” signs in Utah threaten $600 and Oregon’s sign’s threaten $6,250.  We mean business in Oregon ;). 

So – are you a candle lover? Excited for fall?  Maybe you’re already planning Christmas gifts! If you’re looking to #shopsmall this season, stop by Bridge Nine (either online or at one of their stockists) and pick up some fall scented cheer today! 

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