Christmas Tree

This year was our second, and final, Christmas away from family. In a few months we’ll be packing our things and making the long awaited trip from Utah to Oregon.

I meant to share with you our decorations before the holiday madness, but I’ve been so active on Facebook and Instagram that I completely forgot to update the blog. Whoops!

Although we should have opted for an ornament-less tree this year (stumbling 10 month olds have a knack for pulling every ornament within their reach off in SECONDS) we opted for the shatter-proof bundle from Sam’s club. 

Plus, they came in a wash of bronze and gold hues, which makes my soul dance with joy at the harmonization of color. 

I already told my husband that when the kids get older, I’m going to have to have a decorative tree and then a kids tree… that way my OCD of having matching ornaments can at least win on one of them. 

We picked up stocking holders from Hobby Lobby at their 50% off sale – they did a decent job at holding up the empty stockings without falling forward. (Filling them was another story). 

Christmas TreeReindeerSnowflakeSnowman





















The stockings were part of the faux fur collection from Restoration Hardware. 

The mantle garland is from Sam’s club (it also matches the tree!).

The nativity scene was handed down to me from my mother – I like that it’s solid, clean white. 

What did you do for YOUR holiday decorating? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 

Mantle Decor

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