Home Reveal

New Home Reveal

We did it! We found the perfect house. Moving back from Utah was a little intimidating because the housing market in Oregon has been crazy right now, with buyers getting into massive bidding wars for the stragglers of homes lasting sometimes only days on the market! We were incredibly lucky to have a good friend that knew the owner was going to sell before they put it on the market. Sometimes I stress out about things so badly, only to find that it almost always falls into place at the very last minute. 


When we moved, the military sent in professional movers to pack our things and haul them back to Oregon. We had two options 1) Have our items shipped directly to our new home or 2) If we didn’t have a place lined up, they’d store our things for free for up to 90 days. The only downside to option (2) is they’d need enough lead time to schedule a crew to unload our things into the new place. So we’ve been sitting in this amazing (empty) house for a week and a half without furniture. 

Air mattresses are not fun to sleep on for long periods of time. 

Since we’ve been waiting for our things, we’ve been going paint crazy since most of the house is the generic builder white. Except the living room, which is lavender: 

Before 1

This room was our first room to tackle. While I don’t really mind the purple (my room was a very similar color in high school), I wanted something a little more timeless and classic. Below you can see our little paint swatch on the right hand wall. 

Before 2

Now I know some people are scared of darker colors. I totally get it, they can be intimidating. That’s why I like to stick to the neutral pallet when choosing a deeper hue. 

Are you ready for the before and after?

Below is Stage I of our makeover. We’ve completely repainted in the color mink from Sherwin Williams. I cannot put into words how much I absolutely adore this color. The best part? The previous owners came by the house and had to know what color it was because they absolutely loved it as well! 

Sherwin Williams Mink

Isn’t it gorgeous? 

We (and by we, I mean my husband, who will not allow me near the saw for fear of how accident prone I am) also added crown molding from Home Depot to the top of the room. During Stage II in a few months, we’ll be adding wainscoting to the bottom third of the wall. 

Here it is: 

Before and After 1


Before and After 2

I had hoped to have a separate blog post about tips and tricks for painting, but my SD card decided to completely wipe all of those photos! So, I’ll make sure to retake some photos on the next room we paint!

So what do you guys think? Are you loving this color as much as I am? Stay tuned for more before and after photos. Make sure to subscribe to never miss a post!



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