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Subscription boxes are extremely popular right now.  It’s pretty much like sending yourself a gift every month, without knowing exactly what’s inside. Ipsy is a popular beauty subscription box that costs just $10 each month and is filled with five beauty samples. Brands range from drugstore items like NYX or Garnier to more expensive brands like Too Faced, Glam Glow and Tarte. 

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When you subscribe, they’ll have you to take a survey to try and determine the best types of products you’re looking for in your Glam Bags. The first bag or two may be hit or miss, but if you review each item after receiving them, Ipsy will work on tailoring future Glam Bags to match your preferences.

For instance: the first first lipstick item I received was a dark rust color, something I don’t personally like on my skin tone. When I reviewed the product that month, one of the questions was “How do you feel about the color?” I selected the “I don’t like it” option and now all the lip colors I have received are in the pink and nude color tones. 

Bags usually ship during the middle of the month. To see what’s in your bag before you receive it, they ask you to advertise their company on Facebook by sharing something about that month’s post (it’s a pre-setup post they ask your permission for before posting). This is something I personally dislike, so I always end up waiting to see what I get when it arrives.

Every Ipsy bag comes in a beautiful, bright shiny pink bag: 

Ipsy Bag

How exciting is that to receive in your mail box? 


Ipsy Spread


You’ll receive five beauty items depending on your preferences you listed on their initial survey. This is something you can change anytime.


This month I received:

  • NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio
  • Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Cream Blush in ASH
  • tre’StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon
  • Bayberry Naturals Rosehip & Hibiscus Moisturizer 
  • Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser



NYX Swatches

The NYX eye shadow I was super excited for, because I am in love with NYX’s liquid concealer.  Unfortunately, the pigment on these was less than desirable. It took several swipes to get a good color payoff for the swatch examples you see to the left. These are both taken without flash. I will say the sparkle in the shadows pick up well in indirect sunlight. 

The exfoliating cleanser from Vasanti I enjoyed quite a bit. It’s got some grit to it for extreme cleansing, but also a very buttery, smooth texture. It left my face feeling clean and exfoliated. They recommend using this 3-5 times a week. Because my skin is so sensitive, I would probably use it only 3 times a week. 

 I followed the cleanser with Bayberry’s Moisturizer. This was not overly greasy or sticky, which I love. I have combination skin, and some moisturizers really bring out the oiliness in my t-zone. It’s been a few hours since I have used it, and my face still feels fresh. 

The tre’StiQue mini matte lip crayon came in a wonderful nude color if I had slightly darker skin. Right now it has a little too much brown in it, so I’ll have to save it for when I get a chance to get some color. I did however love the creamy formula and the packaging is adorable!

Last, but not least, was the blush from Evelyn Iona Cosmetics. I’ve never used a cream blush before, so this one will be exciting to try out. I do love the color and the color payoff was great. You can see the color swatches for the tre’StiQue mini matte lip crayon (left) and the Evelyn blush (right) here: Blush & Lip Swatches

Now every time you review products on their website, you get Ipsy points. These points can be used towards rewards once they’ve added up. Right now, 500 points can be used for a Chella Eyebrow Pencil in Tantalizing Taupe or Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner. Or 1,000 points can be used for Smashbox’s Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner. 

But these points do expire! So you’ll want to use them quickly. You can always earn points by sharing Ipsy on social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) but I have never chosen to do this option. If you hear about something from me, it’s because I enjoy that product. I don’t want to share something just to get additional points. 

Each time you review one of your Ipsy Glam Bag items, you get 10 rewards points. That means you’ll earn at least 50 each month if you make sure to review all items. 

You can also refer friends and receive 250 points. If you would like to use my referral link, click here

Each month they let you see everything that went out in the Glam Bags. If you absolutely loved an item, or you missed out on something you really wanted, Ipsy’s worked with those brands to give you offers ranging from 15%-50% off their sites. For instance, there is a ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Face Exfoliant that went out in one of the Glam Bags this month. If I wanted to, I could use buy this product with Ipsy’s 20% deal. 

What do you think? Are you already an Ipsy subscriber? What did you think of this month’s Glam Bag? 

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