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Julep Maven Subscription Box


So you know that I’m a big fan of subscription boxes. We’ve talked about Ipsy’s $10 a month Glam Bag a few months ago. But it’s time to introduce you to my good friend Julep – the first subscription box I ever signed up for. 

Oh, and don’t worry –  I’ve got a code for you to use to get your first Maven box for just $2.99!

I’ve got you covered, babe. 
Julep has morphed quite a bit since I first signed up. Originally specializing in nail polish, they’ve broadened their product line to include makeup, makeup brushes, skincare and hair care. 

Purple Polishes


Skip Options

But what I love most is they offer a Skip this month option as many times as you want once you pay for your first box. It’s nice to know that if something comes up and you need to limit spending for the month, you can skip it without being charged and without canceling your account. Even better, it’s just a few simple clicks online – no need to sit on hold on the phone. This helped me especially when I suddenly got laid off and I needed to skip the boxes for several months until I got back on my feet financially. 

Julep also offers full customization to your box, so you can hand pick each item you want to receive each month. I’ve never seen that available on any other subscription box! More on that in a minute…

Subscription Options

First, you have two subscription options:

My Maven: 

  • You’ll get over $40 worth of polish & product for $24.99/month or $19.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. 

Maven Luxe: 

  • You’ll get over $60 worth of prestige products for $39.99/month, or $34.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. 

Both subscriptions are completely customizable, give you the option to send to a friend instead, and can be cancelled anytime. After you purchase your first Maven box, you can skip your box as many times as needed. 

Both subscriptions also give you the “add-on” option, where you can add in extra goodies to your box for a fraction of the normal price. (I.E. Julep’s nail polish bottles each sell for $14/ea on their own. Adding one onto your monthly box is usually $3.99/ea). 

Each month between the 20th – 24th is the “Maven Reveal”. Julep creates five new boxes every month, each one tailored to a “Style Profile” (you’ll take a short quiz when signing up to determine yours). You will be automatically defaulted to receiving the box that matches your Style Profile, but if you want to try a new style or switch out one or all items – you can! 

Product Options

Each month there is a variety of options available to you. Because I love you guys, I painstakingly did a screen shot of September’s box options. So the quantity of items in your box will all depend on how much each item is worth. For instance, you could get three polishes or you could get a blush, eyeliner and a lipgloss. However, if you pick some of the more expensive items (say, a full size face wash bottle) you may be limited to what else you can add to the box.  

Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example Julep Product Example

















I also love that Julep takes the time to do swatches of their products on multiple skin tones. Thinking about adding that lipstick to your box, but not sure how it would look on you? They’ve got you covered:

Can Can FairCan Can TanCan Can Dark






The same goes for nail polish swatches. Ever buy a nail polish bottle, loving the color on the outside but find it takes 23 coats to get that actual color? Fear not, Julep has also swatched each polish on multiple different skin tones so you can see how it looks before you buy it.  

Alex Fair
Alex TanAlex Dark






My October Box

Last month I picked their Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette and a “When Pencil Met Gel” Smoky Taupe Shimmer eyeliner. Behold the eyeshadow palette: 

Long Weekend Palette


I’m a sucker for anything neutral, so of course this one caught my eye. I also love that they only have the faintest bit of shimmer to them. 

Long Weekend Swatches

Now these are all very fair neutrals, and best if you’re going for a “no-makeup, makeup” look. I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this, because I had never tried Julep’s eyeshadows. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the palette itself and the brush it came with. The only thing I did not like is that the shadows are a bit flaky, so you lose product after each use: 

Flaking Shadows

Secret Store

If you’re receiving a box that month, you’ll be invited to Julep’s “Secret Store”. This is basically a invitation only sale that Julep hosts each month, and each month has different items.  I love seeing what they have each month! A lot of the items are limited edition, so you’ll want to check it out as soon as it opens!


Makeup Julep Makeup

So now that’s I’ve piqued your interest, how do these products hold up in person? I’ve created a look here using all my Julep products:

  • Eye shadows are all from the Long Weekend Palette, using the double ended brush for application. 
  • Eyeliner is their fluid eye glider in Jet Black. 
  • Blush is their Peach Bellini over Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powder
  • Lips are Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood with Julep’s Graceful gloss on top 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with all of these items. Their eye glider comes in a felt tip pen so it’s super easy to apply for those of you that are beginning with liquid liners. 

Do you see what I mean about the shadows giving that “no makeup, makeup” natural look? There’s the tiniest hint of shimmer, but once you blend those babies together its so subtle you’ll just look like you’re glowing.  


The last item I didn’t want to leave out is Julep’s Creativity Kit. This includes:Creativity Kit

  • Plié Wand
  • Plié overcap
  • Precision brush
  • Striping brush
  • Dotting tool

Now what is a Plié Wand? It’s a tool Julep created to help you paint with your non-dominant hand. It bends and twists to fit comfortably in your awkward, not-as-great-at-painting hand. 

The striping and dotting tools are also fun to add designs on top of your polish. 


Want to try it out?

Get your first box for just $2.99 with promo code JINGLES.

Jingle Bells Welcome Box

I’d love to see what you pick for YOUR first Maven box! 


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