Morphe Concealer Review

Morphe Concealer

I was super excited when Morphe announced they would be launching a line of liquid concealers. Morphe is usually very good about releasing quality products at an affordable price. At just $4.99 a tube, this concealer is even less expensive than Maybelline’s Fit Me! concealer.

The photo below is courtesy of Morphe’s website, showing the available range of colors: 

Morphe Concealers

 My first choice would have been to go with Oats. Although it may be a little overly yellow for my skin tone (it’s hard to tell through a monitor). However, Oats must be incredibly popular because it was the only one that was sold out. (I’m having flash backs of going to Victoria’s Secret to find that they have all sizes available except mine). 

So I picked up “Bare Skin” since it looked like it was also their fairest shade (and a more neutral version of Khaki). 

Morphe Concealer Wand

The wand on the tube is super fluffy and soft, a big step up from the NYX wand I’m used to using which occasionally stabs me due to the bristles not being thick enough. Doing a quick swatch on my arm, it transfers the product easily and quickly. 

Here’s the downside:

It’s too dark for me. Concealer (especially when used under the eyes as an inverted triangle) should always be at least one shade lighter than your skin tone. This gives a “brightening” and “lifting” effect, drawing the attention up to your eyes and away from your dark circles or age spots. As you can see, their lightest shade is not only too warm, but also a shade or two too dark. 

Morphe Swatch

As an upside, my mom is darker and warmer skin toned than I am. I’m going to do a test run on her skin to at least get a feel for the wearability and blendability of the product. I can already tell that the coverage is going to be more full coverage (which I LOVE!) and I’m curious how it looks/feels on. Hopefully Morphe can release even lighter shades as the popularity for these new liquid concealers grow. 

Have you used Morphe’s new concealers? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions below!




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