Mumsie Night Cream Review

Mumsie Night Cream  

This month I was incredibly excited + thankful to receive my very first Influenster box! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may  have seen my sneak peak photo of this package:

Sneak Peak Photo


Mumsie sent me a free full size bottle of their Lifting & Firming Night Cream in exchange for my honest opinion + feedback. I was so excited to receive this because I am an absolute skin freak. I have been using some sort of anti-aging product on my face since I was sixteen years old after my Spanish teacher in high school (who looked twenty years younger than she really was) told the class her beauty secret was starting an anti-aging skin regimen before she started showing signs of aging. 

When the experts spill their secrets, take it to heart.

Now most of the VoxBoxes I see from other bloggers + instagrammers are black. I was pleasantly surprised when this box arrived and matched perfectly with the contents inside. (Branding is extremely important, and they didn’t let me down here).  


The outside of the box reads “Wake up skin that looks younger, lifted & firmer”. Yes, please!

Firming Cream Close Up

I’m also really loving the pump nozzle on the bottle. I cannot tell you how many brands have amazing products but didn’t invest in a distribution method that really works. The pump on this gives you the perfect amount of lotion on the first try. 

First impressions:

  1. Love the pump!
  2. This is a generous amount of product they gave me for review purposes! Thanks, Mumsie! 
  3. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but it isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t linger. Plus, this stuff is natural & organic so you really can’t expect it to smell artificially sweet if they leave all that (nasty) stuff out :). 
  4. My skin doesn’t feel oily or cakey after application. 
  5. I didn’t immediately feel any extreme tightening, but I did feel my skin firming up after application. 


I’ve been officially using this product for a week. I feel like I really need to give a product time when reviewing so I don’t leave an overly positive or negative review without giving it a chance. I can say I’m extremely happy with this one! My skin does feel firmer and I can really feel the difference in hydration throughout the day. While I don’t see any life changing differences in appearances yet, my skin does feel much softer to the touch and firmer. I can’t wait to see what it feels like after 30 days of use!

If you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself, you can pick this up at your local Target store (convenient, huh? Plus, who doesn’t need an excuse to go to Target!?). A 2.5 oz bottle runs an affordable $16.99 at Target, which is a competitive price in the anti-aging industry. 

Are you a skin freak, too? What’s your favorite anti-aging go to? I’d love to hear your feedback, below! 

Mumsie Firming Cream

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