Pretty Presents Swap

Pretty Presents Swap Haul

This July I participated in my first Present Swap on Instagram with @earthcookiecreates as our host. Never been a part of a Present Swap before? It’s like an amazing, upgraded version of Secret Santa but all across the country with other #makers. 

Each swap has a theme, ours was “Be-you-tiful” and our spending goal was between $15-$20. I got paired up with the amazing @polkadotaddiction, who you would never know it but is ALSO a newbie at the #presentswap game! 

Before sending out your gift box to your buddy, you can scan their feed to get an idea of their personality + tastes. This also allows other makers to interact with each other on social media, which I love.

Not totally sure what to get your buddy? Never fear, @earthcookiecreates had us fill out a form when signing up that covered our hobbies, interests, and favorite things.

The flat lay above is everything I received from Kisha @polkadotaddiction. Isn’t she amazing?! I was totally blown away with how perfectly she matched up items to my specific tastes. 

*Spoiler – there were actually a bag of skittles in the mix but I devoured them before taking these photos.

Oh and that cute little burlap sign? She made it:

Be You Tiful

How adorable is this!? 

Close Up

You should check out her shop on Etsy! She’s got some really adorable things. 

Check them out, here:

Have you ever done a present swap? What did you get? I’d love to hear below :)! 


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