Step Up Your Stationery Game

Stationery Game


Are you still buying cards from the aisle at your local grocery store? You know, the ones with the cookie cutter sayings that don’t really get what you’re trying to say across? 

Stop what you’re doing!

Girl, we’re going to step up your stationery game. 

I have found the cutest handmade shop with the most affordable + adorable handmade cards. Seriously ladies, this little gem of a shop has the best stationery that will leave a lasting impression on your gift recipient. 

I want you to meet the ultra talented and fellow Etsy shop owner, Amelia from AmeliaRy Creations

AmeliaRy Creations Business Card

Amelia and I met on Instagram @ameliarycreations (I cannot put into words what an amazing community Instagram is for handmade makers). After seeing her creations pop up in my feed from time to time, I finally had a reason to purchase something glittery and glam this past week. 

Let me tell you – I browsed her shop for probably twenty minutes trying to decide between several of her designs. They’re all just so adorable! Finally I broke down and messaged her, seeing if she could make something just for me. 

Sure enough, she responded immediately and got to work, making sure she had the supplies in hand to create my custom order. I was pleasantly surprised that even though this was custom made, I purchased on a Friday and it delivered less than a week later (arriving the following Thursday)! 

I almost squealed out loud when I open up the packaging: 

Pretty Packaging


Does she know how to package pretty things or what? I guess that comes with the gig of being an expert in the stationery industry. 

Not only do her packages come dressed to the nines, but the cards are safely packaged in a transparent plastic case to make sure that they arrive intact and can be stored safely. (Because you know I’m going to need to stock up on more of these babies). 

Plastic Packaging

Now, let’s get a close up on these amazing mini’s I purchased. Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Three Cards

They’re each adorned with these adorable handmade bows: 

Bow Detail

Inside of Card

Each card comes with kraft envelope: 


These cards are her “mini” versions. They’re great for thank you cards or just a quick note to a friend or family member. In all honesty, these are my FAVORITE size because I often have a hard time filling up a large card with enough words. 

And drum role, they’re only $2.95 each!

Single Card

What do you guys think? I can’t wait to hear what the recipients of these cards think! Want to grab some of your own? Drop by her shop: AmeliaRy Creations. Let her know I sent you! 

The next time you have an event coming up or need to let someone know you’re thinking of them, skip the drugstore. Get something a little more personal, and a lot more glamorous. #shopsmall and support a small business owner like Amelia :). You won’t regret it! 

Layout of Four





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