Still Glamorus Pigment Swatches

Still Glamorus Pigment SwatchesCan I just say I’m extremely jealous of the newer generations? They don’t know what life was like before the internet and it’s glorious stash of make up tutorials. Back in middle school, when it was cool to rock blue eye-shadow and white eyeliner, we all had no idea what we were doing. It wasn’t until sometime after high school that I started seeing beauty vloggers pop up on YouTube. Can you imagine how much better I would be at applying makeup if I had this knowledge before?

The first beauty vlogger I watched was Kasey Palmer, owner of Still Glamorus Cosmetics.  She did a wide variety of makeup looks – from soft natural hues to amazingly blended wild colors. After spending eternity watching every one of her videos available, I learned that she created her own company and was selling a wide array of loose pigments.

I’m pretty sure this was my first non-drug store beauty purchase ever. Wait, so there was more to makeup that what I could find in my local Fred Meyer? Sheesh!  When I got the package, at first the loose pigments scared me. They are messy! But the color pay off is totally worth it. I would suggest applying your eye makeup before your foundation, since with loose pigments fallout is inevitable. Also, remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Below are my favorite ten pigments. Some of the pots are not as full as the others, because they’re the original pigments I purchased back in 2011 and well, they’ve been well loved. The swatches on my arm were taken in natural light in my living room, no flash.

  • You can check out the Still Glamorus website here.
  • You can check out Kasey’s YouTube channel here.

Have you used Still Glamorus pigments? What were you favorites?

Still Glamorus Pigment Swatches
Still Glamorus Pigment Swatches 2


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