About Me

Hello there, gorgeous. My name is Brittany and I am the CEO and face behind #shinnsparkle. It is my biggest desire in life to remind women just how truly unique, beautiful and limitless they are.ย  Here in Scappoose, Oregon I create one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces to bring a little sparkle, a little glam, and a whole lot of inspiration back into your life. I believe in unlimited potential, glass-ceiling shattering dreams, and the ultimate manifestation of our craziest, most abundant desires.

My career originally started in the steel industry, following in my father’s footsteps. My world came crashing to a halt in 2014, when I found out the company I had worked at for thirteen years was going bankrupt. I was on my maternity leave with my son, my husband was serving his last year in the Air Force, and I felt like someone had pulled the rug from beneath my feet.

I knew I was always destined for more, but sometimes you need that extra push to get you going. Mine happened to be a pink slip. In 2016 we started The Shinn Life with just three colors of druzy earrings for sale. Now, we host several hundred items ranging from Essential Oil Diffusing lines to Birthstones. But my very favorite accomplishment we’ve made through the #shinnsparkle team is our VIP Facebook Group community. It’s a safe haven built with women who are on a mission to uplift, support, and inspire each other. It’s not just jewelry – it’s compassion, it’s a community, it’s The Shinn Life.

If you’ve been searching for your tribe but haven’t found them yet, we’d love to see you in the group!

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Love, light, and a heavy dose of sparkle,