What’s the difference between gold filled and gold plated?

Gold Filled:

Gold fill has been applied to a base metal (usually jeweler’s brass) in a process of heat and pressure. This ensures that the gold coating will not flake, chip, or rub off like gold plating will. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin, as only gold is touching the skin.

Gold Plated:

Gold plating has a very thin layer of gold applied to a base metal, and over time will lose it’s protective layer – allowing that base metal to come in direct contact with your skin which may then lead to sensitivities. This is why we ensure that all of our gold ear wires are 14KT gold filled, not plated. ⠀⠀

I have sensitive ears, can I still wear your products?

Yes! Sensitive ear babes, rejoice, because we have hypoallergenic options for you! All of our dangle earrings are now in sterling silver or 14KT gold fill. Our mini druzies have been upgraded to hypoallergenic titanium posts. These are an even better option than surgical steel because unlike an alloy, they’re not made of mixed metals.

For those of you who prefer a sterling option, we have high quality sterling silver posts available, as well.

What’s the difference between genuine druzy and faux druzy?

Faux Druzy:

These beauties are made in molds out of resin, they’re lightweight and have a greater spectrum of colors available than natural stones. ⠀

Genuine Druzy:

These gorgeous sparklers are the natural compilation of sparkly crystals that form on the top layer of certain stones like agates or amethysts. They can be coated through CVD (chemical vapor deposition) with titanium or gold to enhance the natural color and sparkle. ⠀⠀

Here at #shinnsparkle we carry both faux and genuine druzies, and have something for every budget! We’ll always note in the description of each product whether it’s faux or genuine so you can be sure you’re choosing the right product for you.

Is my item covered under your warranty policy?

You can find our warranty information, here: ⠀⠀I lost ONE earring, can I purchase a replacement?

I lost just ONE earring, can I purchase a replacement?

Earrings must be purchased in pairs. ⠀⠀

Gift wrapping and packaging

All orders are shipped in our Signature Shinn Life boxes, with sparkle ribbon and wax seal stamp, which makes all of our products ready for gifting right out of the packaging!

We can fit three pairs of earrings in each box and because of this, we only include one box per one to three sets of earring in each order. If you are buying multiple pairs as gifts and need separate boxes, please make sure you select “yes” from the “box separately?” drop down menu when adding an item to the cart. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Custom and personalized orders

Need something custom made? Feel free to contact us with your vision! We’d love to help. Just email with “Custom Order Request” in the subject line. ⠀⠀